St. Cakes

For 40 to 200 guests

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Relive your school days in our jolly super murder mystery for boys and girls of all ages

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St. Cakes

St. Cakes has been a seat of learning since 930 A.D., when Bishop Cakes founded an educational establishment for “those miraculously cured of leprosy”, shortly before succumbing to the disease himself. Keen that others should share his love of learning, he carried a stick with him which he used to beat anyone he met who had no knowledge of Latin…

On Founder’s Day, the teachers and pupils of St. Cakes gather to honour the memory of the blessed Bishop Cakes. Prefects, nerds, bullies and sneaks all do their best to make this a day to remember – and one the headmaster would sooner forget!

Everyone taking part is given a team or “house” to belong to. One of the guests will, of course, be a murderer. The different houses compete with one another to identify who this is and are also given a “St. Cakes’ challenge” to tackle. Among other things, this involves the writing of a new school song. At the end, accusations are made, the murderer is identified and the winning song selected.

Fancy dress is optional, but strongly recommended!

The plot usually runs for about 3 hours and is suitable for groups of all types and most ages. This mystery works particularly well as a charity fund-raiser. Providing it’s run on this basis and not as a commercial enterprise, you won’t need our permission for it. If you are planning to run it in your school, bear in mind that characters in murder mysteries often behave badly: they kill, they tell lies, they have affairs!

For more information, please click here for a free, downloadable PDF file which gives an introduction to the game. If you decided this is the game for you, click the “ADD TO BASKET” button on this page and then checkout. If you’ve already bought the game and need to access it, you can do so here.

Modern Day or Period Drama

This game has a timeless feel to it. Think St. Trinians. Billy Bunter. Angela Brazil. And Harry Potter, of course. The time it’s set in isn’t specified so you can decide for yourself when you want it to take place. You may have to overlook a few mismatches if you do this but don’t worry: if you want to set it in Victorian or Edwardian times or any time after, you can.

Please visit the Costume Guide on our UK site for advice and help on how to dress for whichever period you choose.

Age Groups This Plot Suits

Like many stories set in schools, this plot has characters in it whose behaviour is far from saintly. It is, after all, a murder mystery! But we  think the vast majority of people will find the content enjoyable, entertaining and inoffensive. Anyone aged 10 or under might have trouble understanding everything but, apart from that, we believe this plot if suitable for all other age groups.

Hire an actor

Our company is based in the UK in London and this is where most of our actors also live. If you want to hire an actor to run your event or get us to put together and manage everything for you, we’ll be delighted to do so.  Please go to this page for more about how this might work.

Copyright Protection and Terms and Conditions

Our games are mainly intended for private groups and are bought under license to be played once. If you are a private buyer, please see our Terms and Conditions. If you’d like to raise money by running one of our games either as a charity or as a business, please see our Note on copyright at the bottom of this page.