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ForThe Final Curtain banner 300x250 a free, downloadable and printable version of all this, please click here.

The rest of the information you need to put the game together is contained in the main game. Before you buy it, please check that your software and hardware are compatible with ours by printing out the free, downloadable, printable version of this document.

What is in this section?

  • A summary of what our murder mystery is about.
  • A list of all the character parts.
  • A cast list from the theatre programme.
  • An invitation. Please don’t send this out until you have bought the rest of the plot, where you will find out which characters to include in your version of it.
  • A copy of the Littledean Bugle.
  • Notes on how to buy your game.

What is included when you actually buy it?

  • Character information for each guest.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to run it.
  • A chart which shows how to allocate the characters: which to keep and drop.
  • Paper money and all the other essential paper props: coroners reports, blackmail notes, etc.
  • An extract from the fateful play which your guests can perform to search for further clues.
  • The solution!

A summary of the game

Designed for groups of 7 to 20 people, The Final Curtain runs for up to 4 hours and works particularly well over dinner. One person acts as co-ordinator, responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly and that guests receive all the information they need. They, like all the other guests, also have a character to play in the mystery.

The co-ordinator plays Jay Fitzharing, owner and manager of the Littledean Theatre. (Jay can be a man or a woman). One of the guests will be the murderer. As well as trying to identify him/her, the other character have their own, personal objectives to pursue. These will get them talking to everyone else as they become involved in other sub-plots along the way.

As proceedings draw to a close, people get the opportunity to make their accusations, then the correct solution is revealed and the murderer is unmasked.

For a more detailed description of the game, please click here.

Who has booked our murder mysteries before?

We have been running murder mysteries professionally in the UK since 1989. Hundreds of blue-chip businesses have booked us, and a list of satisfied corporate customers is on this link to the web site of our Murder Mystery and Mayhem sister company:

Our games have also been bought and enjoyed by many private customers for dinner parties, birthday bashes and other fun gatherings. Please do not think, however, that you can just download the game and let it run itself. By getting it at a much lower price than if we put it together and run it for you, you will obviously have to put in some work to make it a real success. But rest assured that thousands of people all over the world have done so before – and been very happy with the result.

The Littledean Bugle newspaper (part of free, downloadable, printable introduction)

The Final Curtain newspaper

The Final Curtain invite (part of free, downloadable, printable introduction)

Final Curtain invite

The Final Curtain guest list (part of free, downloadable, printable introduction)


Final Curtain guest list Page 1Final Curtain guest list Page 2

How To Buy Your Game

Available from anywhere in the world, the printed version of this game is only available by download from the Internet. When buying a game from us, you must respect the copyright terms as set out here. In particular, you agree not to run your game commercially or for profit unless you have received our specific, written consent to do so.

To buy online

The payment system is very secure. We don’t receive or store any of your bank details ourselves. Instead, your payment will be processed via PayPal which encrypts and protects your personal details using SSL.

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