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We do everything we can to ensure that buying and downloading our games is trouble free. Even so, things can go wrong! Let us help get you murder mystery helpback on track with these FAQs and answers.

If you are experiencing difficulties, here are some common solutions:

Password Queries
Once you have purchased the game, you will usually receive one email confirming the sale and another separate email providing either the password you need to download the game or details of where to get the password from. When entering your password, remember that it is CASE SENSITIVE and should be a combination of letters and numbers. Your password is NOT your sale reference number. If you ordered the game a long time ago, your password may no longer be valid, for security reasons.

Download (PDF) problems
If, after downloading the introduction, you are asked by your computer which program you want to open the file with, this means that you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or that it is not properly installed. In either case go to Adobe’s website and download the latest version.
If the PDF file opens but is not displayed correctly (missing words/pictures characters etc.), then you probably do not have the latest version of the Reader. Again, visit Adobe to solve this problem.
Once you have entered the password and started to download the game, the pages will appear one at a time. You must wait for all of the pages to download before you start to print the game, otherwise you will be left with parts of the file missing. The time this takes will vary a lot depending on your location/connection/computer etc. If for any reason you become disconnected while downloading, you will have to start over again.
If you are using Internet Explorer and are having problems downloading a game, try right-clicking the link to the game and choosing “save target as” from the menu. Choose a place to save the game to and then click OK. Once the game is downloaded, go to the place you saved the game to and double-click on the file to open it.

Our games are come as standard (password protected) PDF files. These work on almost any modern computer operating system including Windows (95 and onwards), Apple Macs and smartphones with a PDF reader installed.

Does it matter if I don’t yet know exactly how many people are coming to the party?
No, it does not matter, providing the final number is within the range the game is meant for (6-8 people, 6-20 people, 14-40 people or whatever).  We provide you with a table showing which characters you must use and which you can drop.

Can I edit the game or make it into a Word file?
Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, we cannot allow the editing of our games or their conversion between file formats. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

I want to run the game commercially/on multiple occasions/as part of my business. Can I do that?
You must purchase a commercial license from us or contact us to discuss your plans for the game.

Can you put the game in the post for me?
The purpose of this site is to be automated. We no longer provide printed versions of our games except when we also come and run them (see below). However, your password should work on any PC for at least 6 months after purchase if you are unable to get to a printer straight away.

Can you run our game for us?
Our company is based in the UK. If you are planning to hold your murder mystery in the UK, we may be able to provide an actor or actors to run it for you after you’ve printed it out and put it together. Depending on where you are, we may even be able to do everything for you: print out the game, put it together and come and run it for you. Go to Best Value Option Two on our Murder Mystery and Mayhem site for more on this or contact us here about it. Again, this mostly applies to group events in the UK but, if you have the budget for it, we will travel beyond the UK, too.

Can you give me advice on costumes/menus/acting etc?
The UK version of this site has plenty of useful information about costuming. Go to Murder Mystery Costume Guide for more on this. For other ideas and information, look our for what’s being talked about in our blog and our Facebook page. .

Still need more help?
If you cannot find the solution for your problem on the site, contact Murder Mystery Games for human assistance.

12 thoughts on “Help and FAQs”

    1. I’d strongly recommend against trying this, especially with so many people. Timings vary as different groups take different amounts of time and games tend to last longer when run over a meal – but I’d still allow yourselves at least two and a half hours for this plot.

  1. Two questions about the mystery party on a yacht.
    1. We will actually be on a yacht and may not have any wireless when we play. Can everything be downloaded prior to that evening?
    2. Can this game be played with only 5 people? If so, which characters should be included?

    1. Hi Suni
      Thank you for your message. A mystery party on a yacht sounds like a great idea. Downloading and preparing everything beforehand won’t be a problem. That’s something you’ll need to do whether your party happens at sea or on dry land. But the game is for a minimum of 7 people so trying to play it with just 5 people isn’t something we’d recommend.

  2. I am planning on playing “The Final Curtain” with guests aged 15-55. Since the game is advertised for ages 12 and up, I am worried that it will be too easy for a group of adults to guess the murderer. Can you provide some insight into whether or not I should pick a different one? It is for my 18th birthday, and I don’t want it to be guessed within an hour.

    1. Hi Kaitlyn
      The age rating is to do with content, not how easy a plot is to solve. I would be very, very surprised if anyone works out the identity of the murderer in The Final Curtain within an hour. Even at the end, some may still not have worked it out. Trying to solve the crime should give everyone plenty to think about throughout the game. But how many do solve at the end is always unpredictable depending on how freely guests share information with each other and how successful they are in tying everything together. My recommendation for you, assuming you have the right number of guests for it, is to stick with The Final Curtain. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Is the host also playing the game? In other words does the host know who the murderer is in advance or is the host possibly the murderer. The are 7 of us aboard a personnel yacht and would like to play. We all want to be involved.
    Thanks for the clarification

    1. Hi Vaughn
      Thank you for your message and interest in our games. Rest assured that, in all of our games, the host shouldn’t know who the killer is in advance and will have a character to play during it. As you put the game together, you will be protected from finding out too much about what goes on in it. When the game is running, you’ll be joining in rather than just watching. It’s much more fun that way, we think.

  4. Hey guys.
    I was wondering with Final Curtain is it essential to cast Errol Blackstone and Brian Booth before Bert, Spangles and Madge?

    We have eleven people including the host. So it’s either Errol, Brian, Sandy and Pip or Bert, Spangles, Madge and either Errol or Brian.



    1. Hi Nick
      Whichever works best for you is fine. If you’d prefer to have Bert, Spangles, Madge and either Errol or Brian in your version, that’s no problem. It’s always useful to have at least one character you can easily drop, and you have that in Errol or Brian.
      Enjoy the game!

  5. Okay there are 6, 7 people if I can find another. ABout 5 women and 1 male…. from 30 -89 in age. I am looking at the Farthinggay Manor, or the Final Curtain… I am thinking about the Final Curtain only because of our name. We like interactive games- which do you suggest? It will be for our family Christmas

    Thanks Cathy Deeley

    1. Hi Cathy
      Thanks for your interest in our games. Farthingay Manor is for 6 people only; the Final Curtain is for 7 or more people. We also have our Reading of the Will plot for 6-8 people. So, if there are 6 of you, we recommend Farthingay or Reading of the Will. If there are 7 or more of you, then we recommend the Final Curtain or the Reading of the Will. In the free introductions to each game, you’ll find some more information about the plots and descriptions of the characters in them. Your guests will be playing these characters. Which do you think they will most enjoy playing? We recommend you make your final choice based on that.
      Whichever game you choose, we hope you have a great time playing it – and have a fantastic family Christmas.


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