Murder in the Red Room



A game you can play as a group either together or via video conferencing

An unexpected death occurs when a valuable modern artwork is about to be auctioned off. Best for 8-20* people (most can play characters, some may observe and also try to solve the crime). Lasts around 90 minutes. Play using Zoom, Facetime or similar.

Murder in the Red Room

A game you can play as a group altogether or on a video chat platform like Facetime and Zoom

Richard Flanders owns a very valuable modern painting. Today, he’s going to sell it off in a special auction at his home. You will attend (virtually!) as a collector, art expert, member of his staff or part of his family. Tragedy soon strikes. Your task then changes: find out who the murderer is…

* Murder in the Red Room is best for 8 – 15 people but still works if there are fewer or more of you. 8-14 people play characters (depending on final numbers, some may share the big main character role or play more than 1 character). 1 person runs the game and everyone else observes before accusing at the end. It usually lasts around 90 minutes, with breaks.

If you can’t all meet up at the same venue, you will need a video chat/conferencing platform like Zoom, Facetime or Houseparty to be able to play the game. We can’t guarantee your platform will work for it as there are too many out there for us to keep track of. But many others have now run the game successfully. Just make sure before buying that you can run a game that could last 90 minutes and where everyone playing will at all times need to hear and see what the main characters are doing. We have Minimum Preparation instructions for those who want to play the game with minimum delay and Full Preparation instructions who want to be more thorough and have more time to prepare.

Closer to a play script than our usual mysteries, this one includes dialogue and speeches for people to read out to everyone else. But it still provides some scope for improvisation. The plot has many twists and turns and, as with all our plots, the solution makes clear why only one character could ever have carried out the crime.

How is the game delivered?
This game is available as a downloadable Zip folder which we give you a link to. This should reach you within one hour by email but can sometimes take longer. Sometimes our emails end up in  spam/junk so do please check them. If you have any problems with the link then contact us c/o mmgames[insert @ here]

The game is for one use only so, if you run the game again, you will need to buy it again. And it’s for private use only: it’s not for other companies to sell or make money out of.

Age Groups This Plot Suits

Some of the characters in Murder in the Red Room have shameful secrets which are revealed during the game. We don’t believe these secrets will upset or shock most people. Instead, they should add to the entertainment! But there will be a lot of sitting back, watching and listening for everyone to do. Some of the content will also be over the heads of younger children.  For these reasons, we believe this plot is suitable for anyone aged 12 or older.

Hire an actor

You can run this game yourself but if you’d like one or two professional actors to run your game virtually for you, please contact us c/o mmgames[insert @ here]

You will still need to be in charge of all the technical side of how the game is run. But you will have someone experienced playing the big lead role and helping to keep the script on track. We’re based in the UK so this option won’t be available in every time zone. The price will vary according to how many of you there are and how long we are needed for.

Expect to pay around  $400 per actor in the US.

Copyright Protection and Terms and Conditions

Our games are mainly intended for private groups and are bought under license to be played once. If you are a private buyer, please see our Terms and Conditions. If you’d like to raise money by running one of our games either as a charity or as a business, please see our Note on copyright at the bottom of this page.


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