The Final Curtain

For 7 to 20 guests

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A downloadable murder mystery game about a theatre company whose star actor isn’t just playing dead

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The Final Curtain

A downloadable game for 7-20 guests. Tragedy has struck in the normally quiet world of Littledean Theatre. During a performance of the thriller ‘The Final Curtain’, Vincent Royle, the leading actor, has collapsed to the floor, dead. But, in true theatrical style, the show must go on…

When the curtain comes down, the investigations begin. It seems that Vincent’s death is not by natural causes. Scotland Yard believe it is murder!

More than just a boxed version of a murder game, “The Final Curtain” provides you with all the printable material needed to run a fun, participative event. Every guest has their own character to play and various objectives to pursue (including solving the murder!). They may also have “money” and/or other paper props to use, to help them achieve their objectives. The game is highly memorable and has been greatly enjoyed by all kinds of people.

“The Final Curtain” is a 1920s murder mystery and usually lasts around three hours.  It takes you into a world where artistic temperaments and theatrical secrets go hand in hand with cigarette holders and feather boas.

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Modern Day or Period Drama

The plot is set in the 1920s. If your guests want to dress up for it, you might like to point them towards this page on our UK site. It has plenty of helpful information about what people back then were wearing.

Age Groups This Plot Suits

Someone in this plot is a murderer. Some of the others aren’t much better. All of them belong to an English regional theatre company. We don’t think you’ll be shocked by how they behave. After all, it’s showbiz! We consider this plot suitable for anyone aged 12 or older.

Hire an actor

Our company is based in the UK in London and this is where most of our actors also live. If you want to hire an actor to run your event or get us to put together and manage everything for you, we’ll be delighted to do so.  Please go to this page for more about how this might work.

Copyright Protection and Terms and Conditions

Our games are mainly intended for private groups and are bought under license to be played once. If you are a private buyer, please see our Terms and Conditions. If you’d like to raise money by running one of our games either as a charity or as a business, please see our Note on copyright at the bottom of this page.