The Reading of the Will

For 6 to 8 people

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An intriguing “sealed room” murder mystery game

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The Reading of the Will

The Duke of Felthorpe has suffered a tragic accident while locked in his bathroom. Distraught friends and family gather to hear the reading of his will. But was the Duke’s death as innocent as it seems? Probably not! And will the last will still stand?

The Reading of the Will is a Murder Mystery Game for 6 to 8 guests. It is usually run over an evening meal and takes about two hours.

Everyone taking part plays a character who is here for the reading of the duke’s Last Will and Testament. The contents of the will are a surprise to almost all of them. So why did the duke make these last-minute changes? Was he being blackmailed? Was he mad? Should this will be thrown out – and replaced with an earlier one?

Fresh clues are introduced as the plot gradually unravels and evidence of murder emerges. One of the characters is the duke’s butler. Did the butler do it? Or was it the duke’s maid? His idiot son? His idiot son’s scheming wife? By the time all is revealed, everyone will have had a great time playing their parts, working out whodunit and trying to prevent other people accusing them.

How is the game delivered?  Our game is available as a downloadable PDF file very soon after purchase. No waiting for the mail.

What do I do next? If you have read the free Introduction (a PDF file which also forms part of the game) and you have decided this is the game for you, click the “ADD TO BASKET” button on this page and then checkout. If you’ve already bought the game and need to access it, you can download it in two parts: Part One and Part Two.

Modern Day or Period Drama

Although this plot is modern day, it can be played as it’s set in an earlier time period. The characters in it could easily be from the 1920s. Nothing happens in it which will jar horribly, as long as you choose an era which is Victorian or later. (Re-setting it in Neolithic times would present a bit of a challenge!)

Please visit the Costume Guide on our UK site for advice and help on how to dress for whichever period you choose.

Age Groups This Plot Suits

We think this game will suit almost anyone. No acting experience is needed to enjoy it and no one will be expected to do anything that will make them feel awkward. Although some of the characters behave badly, we don’t believe the plot contains anything that would cause particular offence. But, because those under the age of 14 may have trouble understanding several matters referred to in the plot, we recommend it as suitable for those aged 14 and above.

Hire an actor

Our company is based in the UK in London and this is where most of our actors also live. If you want to hire an actor to run your event or get us to put together and manage everything for you, we’ll be delighted to do so.  Please go to Options 2 and 3 on this page for more about how this might work.

Copyright Protection and Terms and Conditions

Our games are mainly intended for private groups and are bought under license to be played once. If you are a private buyer, please see our Terms and Conditions. If you’d like to raise money by running one of our games either as a charity or as a business, please see our Note on copyright at the bottom of this page.