Cudham Riding Club

For 14 t0 40 guests

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A murder mystery set in an English riding club where no-one is quite who they seem

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Cudham Riding Club

Cudham Riding Club is in turmoil following the untimely death of its Founder and Chairwoman, Lady Amanda Cudham. All the members of the club are invited to a special meeting, to decide who should replace Amanda. Old scores will be settled, evil crimes uncovered, and there will even be time for some horse-trading…

What is the Mystery?

Homicide, horse-trading and horrid goings-on: a murder mystery in which it’s not just the horses which are taken for a ride!

Set in timeless rural England, Cudham Riding Club offers all those taking part the chance to belong to the stirrup set for a few hours.

Everyone is given a character. Whether you end up playing a Lord, a Lady, a dustman or a horsemeat wholesaler, you will encounter the kind of skullduggery, adultery, coercion and crime more usually found in the works of Jilly Cooper, Joanna Trollope and Dick Francis.

The Perfect Party Plan

Invitations are usually sent out in advance so everyone will know which character they are playing and will find out some of the background to the plot. The mystery is usually run over a meal and, as well as solving the murder, characters are given other objectives to achieve. Some, for instance, want to become the next chairwoman. Some have guilty secrets to keep hidden. Some have scores to settle.

And everyone is keen to get rich, buy and sell a few horses, and place a few bets before the Race of the Season (the Isle of Man Handicap) gets underway.

The Final Furlong

Towards the end, a live commentary of the Isle of Man Handicap is read out and winning bets are paid out. The guest playing Inspector Dawdley then gets everyone into teams and invites each of them to put forward their solution.

Finally, Dawdley reads out the correct solution, arrests the murderer and brings a fun-filled, highly entertaining and irresistibly silly occasion to a close.

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Modern Day or Period Drama

Can be either. No specific time period is mentioned in the plot so you can choose your own, depending on what appeals to you most. There may be a few references in it which don’t quite fit but these shouldn’t stop you setting it when you want it to be set. You can, if you like, warn people that you’ve done this and there may be a few anomalies. But, generally speaking,  no-one should mind. After all, it’s a great excuse to dress up…

Please visit the Costume Guide on our UK site for advice and help on how to dress for whichever period you choose.

Age Groups This Plot Suits

The behavior of some of the characters in “Cudham Riding Club” is appalling: they take drugs, they gamble, they cheat on their partners, and they kill. As a result, we consider the plot to be suitable only for people aged 15 and over.

Hire an actor

Our company is based in the UK in London and this is where most of our actors also live. If you want to hire an actor to run your event or get us to put together and manage everything for you, we’ll be delighted to do so.  Please go to Options 2 and 3 on this page for more about how this might work.

Copyright Protection and Terms and Conditions

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