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The Reading of the Will murder mystery
$30.00 - For 6 to 8 guests

The Duke of Felthorpe has suffered a tragic accident while locked in his bathroom. Distraught friends and family gather to hear the reading of the will. But was the Duke's death as innocent as it seems? (probably not.) And will the last will still stand?

The Reading of the Will is a Murder Mystery Game for 6 to 8 guests. It is usually run around an evening dinner and takes about two hours.

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Farthingay Manor Murder Mystery Game
$29.99 - For 6 to 6 guests

Farthingay Manor is a downloadable murder mystery for 6 people. Your guests have all been invited to attend a country house weekend in England, August, 1924. They do not know their host Lord Farthing. They do not know each other. So why they were invited to Farthingay Manor? Over the course of the weekend, the truth gradually emerges...

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The Final Curtain murder mystery game
$37.99 - For 7 to 20 guests

A Downloadable game for 7-20 guests. Tragedy has struck in the normally quiet world of Littledean Theatre. During a performance of the thriller 'The Final Curtain', Vincent Royle, the leading actor, has collapsed to the floor, dead. But, in true theatrical style, the show must go on...

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Murder Aboard
$37.99 - For 7 to 16 guests

A murder mystery set on a luxury yacht. A journey of a lifetime becomes a battle for survival when the pampered passengers discover there is a killer on board. A plot for 7-16 people which allows you to choose which era it's set in. And which can be played on dry land!

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The Auction murder mystery game
$44.99 - For 12 to 40 guests

Following the suspicious death of Baroness Audry Von Munchen, the fabulous Von Munchen relics are to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. In the absence of a legal heir, it looks like all the proceeds will go to her favourite charity - unless a claimant comes forward at the last moment. What is the truth behind the Baroness's death? Only those who attend The Auction will find out...

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Cudham Riding Club murder mystery game
$44.99 - For 14 to 40 guests

Cudham Riding Club is in turmoil following the untimely death of its Founder and Chairwoman, Lady Amanda Cudham. All the members of the club are invited to a special meeting, to decide who should replace Amanda. Old scores will be settled, evil crimes uncovered, and there will even be time for some horse-trading...

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The Last Gasp murder mystery game
$44.99 - For 14 to 40 guests

It is 1899 and George Sweet, the 5th Earl of Coddingham, has lead a wicked and dissolute life. His past is finally catching up with him and, eager to keep out of reach of the law, he is planning to flee abroad. Before he goes, he is holding one final party...The Last Gasp

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St. Cakes murder mystery game
$74.99 - For 40 to 200 guests

St. Cakes has been a seat of learning since AD 930, when Bishop Cakes founded an educational establishment for "those miraculously cured of leprosy", shortly before succumbing to the disease himself. Keen that others should share his love of learning, he carried a stick with him which he used to beat anyone he met who had no knowledge of Latin...

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